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Your pleasure is our pleasure. We're sex-positive around here so read on to learn how we can help!


The CRUSH Comunity Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board
Youth Team
Research Staff
Administrative Staff

Cyrus Mirzazadeh – Director of Internal Affairs

Alex Ramirez – Director of External Affairs/Asian Health Services  

Yves Gibbons – Director of Education

David Carter – Scientific Research Liaison  

Naji Dawkins – Director of Media and Communications

Dave Johnson – CAB Member

Duchess Williams – CAB Member

Brian Villa – RYSE Center

Rob Lindsey – HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County

Andre Sanchez – CAB Member 


Alfonso LaCorte – CRUSH Retention Coordinator

Brian Ragas – Outreach and Linkage Coordinator

Maurice Penn – CRUSH Medical Assistant

Jose Campos – DYC Peer Advocate

Kathryn Ruiz – DYC Social Worker


Jessica Horwitz – Nurse Practitioner

Veronica Ramirez – Nurse Practitioner

Raffi Bashlian – Nurse Practitioner

Ryan Anson – Nurse Practitioner


Xavier Erguera – Research Analyst

Becky Packard – Research Analyst

Dominique Legnitto – Research Analyst

Samantha Hynes – Administrative Assistant
Finau Furniss – Medical Benefits Counselor

Jamie Mandelke – Research Coordinator

Sonal Goyal – CRUSH Project Coordinator

Tony Sillemon – EBAC Administrative Assistant Manager

Hazel Wesson – EBAC Administrative Manager

Jeff Burack – CRUSH Principal Investigator
Ifeoma Udoh – CRUSH Project Director

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