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PrEP can help simplify your active lifestyle.




  • When taken daily, as prescribed, PrEP is more than 90% effective in preventing HIV. 

  • PrEP is FDA-approved

  • Prescribed to the patient after they receive a confirmatory HIV negative test result

  • Reduce anxiety for HIV transmission in your sex life


  • Protection against other STI/STDS

    • PrEP only protects against HIV when taken as directed. 

  • a medication to take AFTER you think you have been exposed to HIV BUT there is an intervention for that!

    • If you are not currently on PrEP & believe you have had a recent exposure to HIV Click Here to access PEP  (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) IMMEDIATELY. 


  • a lifetime commitment.

    • Unlike HIV medication, you do not have to take PrEP forever.

    • PrEP may be particularly helpful during those periods – months or years – in your life when you know you may be at high risk for infection.

  • a medication to take on short notice - BEFORE sex.

    • When you start PrEP - you need to take it for at least 7 days for there to be enough drug 'on board' to protect you from HIV.

Interested in starting PrEP? Unsure if your insurance will cover the cost?

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