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The Public Health Institute’s the SHIFT Project, in collaboration with EBAC Prevention and EBAC’s Trans Health Clinic, launched Empower Yourself on June 8th, 2018. Empower Yourself was developed by The Community Health Promotion Council, a peer-education HIV prevention internship for young transgender women.

Empower Yourself’s goal is to increase awareness of HIV disparities in transgender women communities and to share transgender health and HIV prevention resources to those communities. Empower Yourself acknowledges that transgender women, particularly transgender women of color, are at a higher risk of contracting HIV. Empower Yourself would also like to bring light to HIV as a health disparity, that has resulted from the social and institutional marginalization that trans women of color experience. Empower Yourself would like transgender women to know that there are resources available for them, getting connected to these resources may help decrease the risk of contracting HIV for some women.


Empower Yourself is a community-based campaign that will be disseminated on social media, as well as at several local events, including The East Bay HIV Update and Trans March 2018.”



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