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Learn about HIV treatment with ARVs at CRUSH.

Taking your HIV antiretrovirals (ARVs) gives you lots to smile about.

ARVs: Antiretroviral Medications


Say cheese! It may sound cheesy, but HIV antiretroviral (ARV) medications give us all so much to smile about.


The truth is, ARVs are kinda miraculous. When you're HIV-positive and take your ARVs every day, the virus can be kept in check. ARVs help keep you healthy.


If you're poz, read on about ARVs and the CRUSH program.

ARVs give you a healthy body (and outlook)

You'll be glad you found the CRUSH program. We partner with poz clients to use ARVs, counseling, and more to ensure optimal health and give HIV a frowny-face.


Antiviral therapy greatly reduces likelihood of transmission to sexual partners.


If you're poz, here's a quick summary of our approach with ARVs:


  • If you want to receive primary care with CRUSH (DYC), you must have insurance (but not so if you ONLY want to receive Sexual Health Services like STD/STI testing and treatment).

  • You'll first meet with the CRUSH social worker.

  • Once enrolled, you may start ARV treatment, if you wish.

  • You're not required to start treatment, though we now have ample evidence that starting ARVs sooner may be more beneficial to your long-term health.

  • When you're ready to start ARVs, we are here to support you in taking them daily and successfully.

  • You'll be able to meet with peer advocates and benefit from other support services.

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